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    winter advice

    I moved recently to a new city and the cold weather is new to me.
    Basically, how can you dress warm enough without making it clumsy? What else can you add to an undershirt, a shirt, a jumper and an overcoat?

    As for coats, do you hold 2 in varied sizes? I want it to fit me well both with and without a blazer underneath.

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    It's all about layering. I lived somewhere where it was regularly -10 to -20 during the coldest months. I'd aim for a t-shirt (sometimes long-sleeved) with a shirt over the top plus a heavy knit then a warm coat such as a Pea Coat or lined Parka. I'd then add a wool scarf, hat and gloves. Get some big quilted, lined boots too. Tuck your trousers in to increase warmth. Another reason why slim fit is useful. Doubt you need a separate coat for blazers because if you're not wearing one you'll have a thick knit on underneath the coat anyway which will take up as much room. I'd recommend 2-3 coats. One smarter, one waterproof (for snow/rain) and one for when it's not quite as warm. Coats with removable liners are however best as they're versatile and can be used during the Spring and Autumn too.

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