Hey guys

This is my first post and I'm not too sure about how you all go about asking things but basically, I am 18 years old and my college has a 'Dinner Dance' coming up. This makes it sounds very formal but last year I attended wearing a black suit, a white shirt with a red tie and felt rather overdressed; since last year I have changed my style and I do not want to be overdressed at all. I am basing my outfit around my pride and joy, which are my brand new Barker tan leather brogues, I adore them and think that they are perfect to start my outfit off. After them I am really unsure, I thought about slim grey trousers, a white shirt with braces (but i was unsure about the color of those). Along with that i thought about a bow tie but felt that it may be a bit too preppy. Maybe not. However, I am starting to doubt that choice and I am really just hoping for some advice.

I just would like to know what you all think would be a good outfit. If you can help me out you would be doing me a huge favor.

Many thanks