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    Fashion noob: what's that jacket called?

    Hi! I'm new to these forums and it's a kind of weird question, but I don't know what's the kind of shirt called, which the singer wears in this video:

    think it looks really cool, if you wear it "sleazy" and combine it with tight black jeans like he does. It's not really a military jacket, it's much thinner and looks less "uptight" if you know what I mean

    I really dig this look and I want to buy sth. like it, but I don't know where to look or how to search for it on the internet.

    Any tips on where to look or how to find it are appreciated! Thanks!

    PS: I live in Austria and there are a lot of brands we don't have here

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    I couldn't find the exact one but after a quick Google search High Quality Military Style Mens Shirts Price, High Quality Military Style Mens Shirts Price Trends-Buy Low Price but High Quality Military Style Mens Shirts on this site had literally hundreds of similar styles.
    Is the military look still popular?? Obviously I don't know how people dress in every corner of the world but I thought fashion was fairly universal. I don't really see anybody wearing these shirts anymore, unless I'm just not noticing?? But if you like that look then go for it!!

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    Just buy a green 'military' shirt and sew on some badges and there you have it.

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