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    Your Top Cops of 2016

    So, now that 2016 is over, I thought it'd be interesting if folks were to consider what their top 3-5 purchases of the year were and why. Whether it was finding a hidden gem in a sale or a staple investment piece or something that you perhaps never thought you'd see yourself wearing at the beginning of 2016 and has played a significant role in influencing your style etc...

    I decided to allow up to 5 items as I know it can be very hard to narrow it down to just three (some more so than others i.e. me...) Stock/fit pics are appreciated!

    My wardrobe has went through a drastic change in the last year or so. Since leaving university and getting myself a job in the real world, it's allowed me to pursue my passion for fashion a lot easier. I was always experimenting with my style at uni which in hindsight was probably a good thing as my spending was very limited but still enough to begin to understand what I liked and felt comfortable with.

    Anyway, cutting to the chase, here are my top 5:

    Schott 'One Star' Perfecto:

    A proper black leather biker had long been on my hit-list before 2016 but I wanted to take my time in choosing the right one and one of the jackets I had set my sights on was the original Schott 'One Star' Perfecto. I really liked the bulkiness of it (it's steerhide) and the original cropped/boxy silhouette as opposed to a more modern slimmer cut; I was looking at the likes of Sandro and Kooples too.

    Eventually it appeared on Zalando in the Summer for 600 down from 850 and there was a 25% off code so I grabbed it for 450. At first it felt like it just wouldn't break in at all due to the heaviness of the leather but now it feels like a second skin after 4-5 months. Easily my top buy of 2016.

    Common Projects Achilles Low:

    You all know the score here... As soon as I put them on I knew there was no turning back. I've not long had them as I copped during the Black Friday/Winter sales but they are easily going to be my main go to footwear for a long time to come. It's a bit boring to put it here but I'd be lying if it wasn't a true top cop of 2016. #fbuniform

    AllSaints Himani Knit:

    I pretty much haven't taken this off since I got it. In the last few months I've really gotten into my knitwear, particularly the oversized style like this Hinami knit which I feel really suits me as I'm generally quite skinny up top (footballer). It's made me realise that not everything needs to be so tightly fitted and has allowed me to balance out my fits better in general. My chunky Uniqlo rollnecks also get a strong mention.

    Nudie Skinny Lins:

    My Skinny Lins need a place in the top as I still hadn't really nailed my denim fit until I grabbed a pair of these. I had tried several other fits previously (Thin Finns too) but the Skinny Lins, I feel, have allowed me to up my game significantly. I tried H&M on the back many great reviews on this forum but I just didn't get it, apart from their skinny selvedges (which I love) I couldn't get into their regular denim lines such as the skinny lows or 360s etc. The fit/quality just didn't feel right at all.

    Robert Cavalli 'Pegasus Head' Necklace:

    Kind of cheating here as technically this was a gift, although I did choose it. I've been wanting to get into accessories for a long time, particularly jewellery. I have a Simon Carter anchor necklace that I liked and wore for years but it always felt a bit cheap and tacky. I eventually found this design that I really liked, I love all things mythological, stories, history, legends etc... So I dropped a hint with the gf and got it for my Christmas. I think my next stop for jewellery will be a ring from The Great Frog. I have my eye on a few of their designs but I think I'll keep it very simple to start with. I've also gotten right into my beanies. I got two Helmut Lang beanies from Brand Outlet for cheap (after liking the first one I got so much) which I can see myself wearing for the rest of Winter & early Spring.

    Well that's my top 5 (give or take). That was way harder than I thought it would be... Over to you folks.
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    Love this thread already! All great cops Martino, I also like how you took one from each category. Let's give it a whirl!

    Burberry 'The Kensington' Trench Coat

    This has been my number one grail item since I gained an interest in fashion. I've often veered toward the smarter, 'classy' end of the style spectrum and always romanticised the London vibe. Burberry for me has been the epitome of class and classic. I originally wanted it in honey but after trying them on I realised it washed me out, so went for the black instead!

    Thom Browne Longwing Brogues

    The second grail that I copped this year. I remember clicking around Endclothing a few years back when I bought my first pair of Hudson brogues (great at the time) and coming across these and thinking 'christ, 600?!' Anyway you all probably saw I managed to cop them in immaculate condition for 90 off eBay. For me, these are the nicest brogues going, could not be happier and can't ever see myself parting with them!

    Garrett Leight 'Hampton' glasses

    I have 4 pairs of glasses, but I love everything about these. The colour is unreal, the shape is perfect.

    Albam grey marl sweat

    This one doesn't feel so interesting but, I also copped an OL and Acne sweat this year, and I can safely say I much prefer the Albam. I think it's maybe because of how tall I am, the Albam runs a touch longer which suits me more and doesn't make it look like the sweat's too small! The one I own is also a slightly more beige marl, rather than grey, which I think adds another subtle difference. It's just really, really nice.

    Derek Rose Towelling Gown

    I've wanted a decent quality gown for years and for whatever reason never got round to buying one. Got this as a christmas present and lived in it ever since. I can't recommend them highly enough, plus I feel like Hugh Hefner!

    Honourable mentions go to my Joseph leather jacket, vintage eBay shearling, Movado watch, Tricker's chelseas and a few more. I probably would've chosen the leather jacket or the chelsea boots over the sweat, but I feel like this thread might be a bit 'leather heavy'!
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    Brilliant idea for a thread and awesome buys guys. For me:

    Yeezy Moonrock 350

    Frustratingly I had to pay resell for these. But at the time they were so worth it. Upon receiving them I was amazed by them, and I've worn them a fair bit now. Strangely enough I've actually gone off the aesthetic slightly recently, still one of my top buys though.

    Acne Studios Thin Stay Cash

    Got these in the summer and have worn them to death. The perfect pair of black skinnies, on another level to the Diesel pair I wore before them.

    Sandro Polar Parka

    Absolutely love this, real quality feel, lovely and warm and I love the colour of the fur as well. Got it for a steal in the Sandro sale.

    Story Et Fall Tan Chelsea Boots

    These are awesome and have added a much needed different dimension to my wardrobe. Just need some black leather Chelseas to rotate with them. Pair these with the Acne's and a tee or a knit, and I'm good to go!

    All Saints Moyle Bomber Jacket

    Again, absolutely love this. Lovely satin material and adds edge to my outfits.

    Good to look back like this! Made more good purchases than what I remembered.
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    Like Martino, I too have just graduated university and, after getting a real job that finally pays me enough so that I don't have to rely on my mum to fund my shopping, I started building my wardrobe from the ground up. A big shout out to the regulars here who've helped me, I wouldn't be style wise where I am today without you lot. I always have and will continue to appreciate the honest feedback I've received time and again since it's helped me develop my own sense of style/look while staying true to my own tastes. Also, the forum has exposed me to a lot of brands and clothing combinations I was not previously aware of. So, after much thought, here are my top 5:

    Allsaints Razor Perfecto

    Hands down the best leather jacket I've ever bought and my favorite item that I own. It's totally badass and has quickly become my go to when I hang out with my friends or am on a date at a casual place

    Kooples straight coat with leather details

    A classic piece with an interesting leather detail. It's a nice coat for winter and dresses up most of my fits.

    Harmony camel coat

    Another one of my go tos for a more casual outfit. Plus, got a lot of great info from everyone here how to wear this in different ways since it's a pretty fashionable item

    Allsaints Nakano Holdall

    Fred Perry bag just wasn't cutting it anymore. This is a really versatile bag that is roomy and looks great to boot.

    Harris Chelseas

    One of my favorite pieces of footwear that I currently own. The burnish work initially put me off, but I now wear them to death and everyone at work seems to love them.

    Other close contenders were: AS Kendrikk cardi, AS creme sweater, SLP jodhs (courtesy ICA), Cos marble print tee, Jack and Jones monochrome flower print shirt and my cashmere Heather grey rollneck from CK.

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    Great thread Martino. My top cops for 2016 have been:
    Sandro Dylan Boots:
    At the beginning of 16 I would never have considered wearing boots with a heel. Some of wyatt wearing fuckers here changed my mind! These were a punt on vente privee for 90 and I've never looked back. Since getting them I've taken every opportunity to wear em. They have since defined my style for winter.

    Nudie Skinny Lins
    As most will agree here, nailing the denim fit is key to any look. And like Martino, Skinny Lin is that fit for me. These 2 items have been key to my style.

    Allsaints Drayford Shearling
    Another item I wouldn't have thought to wear at the beginning of the year. I got this Drayford from DG and it's been a staple this winter.

    Allsaints Yuto Coat and Aquarius Boots get honourable mention as I've got the most wear out of them. And will do well into the future.
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    Nice cops all I feel I need to try some cps see what the rage is all about. I'll just keep it to three items.

    Moncler canut I wear this everyday tbh as I only wear t shirts and a coat in winter don't own a knit. Really warm and top quality.

    Has to be the latest yeezys my fav colourway of the lot and yeh expect most of my fits to be in them ha. Get a lot of wear on my feet.

    Something not clothes related but I love this Louis Vuitton zippy coin purse really small can fit a lot in it and is definitely one of my favourite purchases of the year.

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    CBA to do pics but top items this year / most worn have gotta be -

    1) (no prizes for guessing) Burberry Prorsum Shearling Trench. Just an amazing piece and the ultimate steal. Love wearing it so much. Everyone comments on it.

    2) SLP studded biker. Love it, the cut and quality are sublime, SLP bikers are just a different world to anything else I've tried. Very versatile too.

    3) SLP Chelseas & Lizard Wyatts. Grouping these together as they are basically the same thing. They just take every fit up a notch. Bold enough to work as the statement piece with a jeans and tee, but subtle enough to take the back seat if wearing another statement piece. These really are the ultimate wardrobe upgrade. Can't recommend enough and one of the few things I've bought at retail. these are 100% worth the price tag imo and there is just no substitute.

    4) Acne Kalle roll neck (plus shout out to the matching beanie). Worn these a lot more than I thought I would. Really feel like a roll neck enhances every fit, and both are so warm and cozy but I never overheat.

    5) White CPs. No explanation needed really, worn the shit out of these already, they're just perfect.

    It's been a crazy year for cops tbh, there's a fair bit that didn't make the list. I really feel like my wardrobe is complete now - I've barely even looked at the sales. Definitely need to have a quieter 2017 in terms of purchases.
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    I'm surprised your acne shearling didn't make the list ica or was that last year?

    Ann Boots

    Dior boots and undercover jeans

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    Good point, in my head the Acne was last year but it may not have been...

    Just checked and it was Feb. In that case, that needs a mention too. Also my Hawick cashmere cable knit, tk maxx women's camel coat, the red beanie, black Wyatts, SLP Rangers, western belt, green embroidered AS bomber and the shiny pink AS bomber have all been massive staples for me. There's probably loads I've forgotten too :-/

    Def need to calm it!

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    1. SLP Studded Biker.
    After running an AllSaints jacket into the ground was my first "big" purchase. Have since sold it and picked up another the same in a smaller size. Opened my eyes to SLP Leathers and have never looked back.

    2. H&M Skinny Lows.
    Not an amazing single item but a game changer. Love the fit off the rack and loads of washes. Feel like it upped my denim after struggling with jeans.

    3. SLP Eyelet Duckies.
    Love these boots so much. Was a little apprehensive about how wearable they would be but now chuck them on anytime i get the chance. Not the subtlest of boots but the way they clink as you walk makes me smile.

    4. Silver Jewellery.
    Upped my accessory game last year and i feel has really worked for me. Hasn't got to be any particular make but just adds little extra accents to outfits.

    5. SLP L17 Biker in Mutton Lamb.
    Complimented the other jacket and is perfect for the warmer months compared to the thicker studded calf one.

    Bonus. FW13 L17 Jacket.
    Threw this is as probably made the biggest difference for me in 2016. Bought and sold which enabled me to buy THIS

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