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    Notice as as being a substantial strategic business plan.

    Kevin Elegance wants his recently created company, Extended Beach-based , to get the premiere store - both web in brick-and-mortar stores - of maximum sports gear, including skateboards, snowboards and surfboards, along with clothing worn by their users.

    His plan includes the outlet which may be between 20 and 25 stores while using the finish of the season, along with launching on the internet store while using the finish within the month. He's also while buying up existing mother-and-pop stores along with a distribution company.

    There's only one drawback: Quad X has zero assets this is often frequently frequently a recently public company obtaining an small market capital. However vulnerable to ambitious entrepreneur at its mind with past creating and building extreme sports companies.

    " Sports was created and formulated particularly to complete acquisitions and mergers of existing companies," stated Elegance, adding he provides develop new extreme sports names too. "We'll branch off into branded names, it could be a new shoe company, an entirely new watch company, an entirely new skateboard company."

    In March, Sports needed over Boraxx Technologies Corporation., a covering company whose stock was traded over-the-counter. The move permitted Quad X Sports to begin selling equity - in addition to utilize stock to buy others - without employing an dpo.

    With Quad X Sports exchanging at roughly $5 a share a few days ago, the organization includes a market capital of just $12.5 million. But it's expecting a money infusion of $5 million incorporated in another offering, stated Brett Salter, chairman of Boca Raton, Fla.-based First Capital Corporation., a trade bank that's dealing with Sports.

    Regardless of the company's size, Salter stated he believes Elegance can purchase the setting to build up the organization inside the major extreme sports store.

    The 32-year-old Elegance elevated in Hermosa Beach while offering attempted skateboarding, surfing and motor mix since he was ten years old. (The only real factor he does not do is Rollerblade, since Rollerbladers have something inside the competition with skateboarders.)

    Almost all his buddies can also be connected with extreme sports, he stated, and hubby has stored in close mention of that community by living first in Hermosa Beach, plus Huntington Beach. That enables him to just accept pulse of skateboarders, snowboarders along with other extreme types.

    Elegance founded, while offering since offered off, numerous extreme sports companies, including Expired Snowboards, Sha Sha Fine Footwear and Diakka Sport Watches, the 3 which have been located in Costa Mesa. Elegance used the earnings to begin Sports. (He owns over half within the company's 2.5 million shares.) skateboard sizes

    "What Kevin does is capture a company where nobody is really competing," stated Piece Richardson, president of Huntington Beach-based Icon Exchanging Corporation., which bought Diakka Sport Watches from Elegance about six a few days ago.

    Recently, Sports moved within the 4,000-square-feet space in Huntington Beach obtaining a ten,000-square-feet office-and-warehouse space in Extended Beach. Its initial volume of stores Body in Extended Beach another in Beach are expected to start initially inside the summer time .

    The organization is while making numerous acquisitions - including SK8, an online sports store that expects about $5 million in sales this season, that's parent company, Costa Mesa-based VK Sports, a distributor of surfboards, snowboards along with other extreme sports gear.

    Quad X Sports may also be in negotiations to purchase Spyder Surf-boards, a Hermosa Beach-based surf-board manufacturer, and 2 Closet Outdoors Supplies stores. "In 1999, perform between $11 million and $15 million (in revenues), based on whenever achievable finalize a couple of acquisitions," Elegance stated.

    As befits a fledgling business, the stock remains volatile, shedding below $3 a share within the last couple of days. A few days ago, it had been exchanging at roughly $5 a share.

    Salter stated the stock may well be a victim of short-selling, by which a trader sells a regular he's given using the aim of replacing it later by repurchasing it inside the less pricey.

    "The main reason you've got a large amount of short-selling is mainly since the generally does not trust sports companies," Salter stated. "Everybody believes really the only response to purchase today is Internet stocks."

    Richard Giss, someone in Deloitte & Touche LLP's consumer business group, hasn't examined Quad X Sports' proper strategic business plan, but expressed general caution about entering the ever-consolidating sports retail market. To compete within the giants, smaller players need to get a effective niche. how to set up a skateboard
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