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    Does your significant other dress as well as you do??

    Assuming you have one!!

    When I first spoke to my wife about my desire to change how I dress she was a little skeptical to say the least. Then when I finally took the plunge and invested in some slim fitting jeans her skepticism changed to sarcastic humor!! She thought the whole of concept of me moving away from ill fitted boot cut jeans and horrible shirts was ridiculous, and she let me know about it!! Alot!! But since I've found this site, got some incredible advice and inspiration her skepticism has turned to admiration. Especially after all the positive comments I've been receiving left right and centre from our family and friends. She's now taken a good long look at her own wardrobe and started to ask me for advice.
    We're planning a shopping spree in the new year as she's come to the blunt conclusion that I now dress far better than she does!!

    So what's it like with your partner?? Who dresses better??
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    Good question!!

    The missus has always said she likes the way I dress, I would say I am a little more conscious than what she is. She's happy with her style where as I am always trying to bring something new to my wardrobe. My Girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and having to deal with the dilemmas of maternity wear!! She's not happy about it !!

    So to answer your question: she would say I dress better, where as I would say we dress aswell as each other.

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    I'd say I dress better than my wife. Mainly because I've changed my whole wardrobe since I turned 30, during which time she's been through two pregnancies. She has not wanted to invest in clothes during these years, as her body has changed a lot. She's now in the process of getting in shape, and is very keen on getting more stylish when she does.

    When I changed style, in no way did she make fun of it. She might have snickered a bit over my anxious first steps, and the fact that I kept track of what I had and what I needed to buy with an Excel sheet. But only in the beginning. She's actually very thankful that I take pride in looking good, and making an effort. A lot of guys my age, and in our situation (full time jobs, small kids, little or no spare time) quite often just let themselves go and stop caring. Dress sloppy. Never work out.

    She loves the fact that I actually shop for her sometimes, to the amazement of some of her co-workers, who seem to have husbands who are overgrown babies, unable to even dress themselves. And also that I can give her advise if we shop together.

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