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    Quote Originally Posted by BaconLad View Post
    I really like the stamp cigarette aswell, the fit around the knee looks particularly good, slightly clumped and stretchy sort of looking, I really dig that, they sit really well on that model. The problem is they don't look very tapered at the cuff, a little bit too wide for my liking, I'm not a fan of turning cuffs up so I'd want to put them down, I'm worried they might end up looking like flares!! I've also already got jeans similar to them (wash) so I'm not really expanding my options, more like upgrading quality. Plus they're not Japanese denim, at least I don't think they are?? For some reason that is a very important factor in my decision making, but I don't know why!!
    What is the deal with Japanese denim?? I've got it into my head that I should only be buying Japanese denim...
    The dry rinse look a little more tapered at the cuff and they're definitely Japanese denim!!
    Do you ever wear your jeans with the cuff down?? I think I'd feel better about the cuff up if I had some rounded boots, mine are more pointed and look much better with a little bit of the cuff covering them.
    I have a few pairs of the cigarettes. I would go with the Print cigarette, my favourite pair. I find they fit true to size.

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    I have the Stamp, which are an "upgraded" model of the Print Cigarette, and tbh I don't rate them too highly. The denim isn't as good as the aforementioned, and the sizing is significantly smaller. My Prints are a 28 (I'm a 30 waist) and my Stamps in the same size are much tighter. I guess this shows that AS sizing has become more realistic, but it's annoying for me now as I have no idea which size I am!
    I also found these jeans suffered from fading around my pocket phone line.

    They're a nice pair of jeans, but not what AS denim once was.

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    Bacon, it sounds like you know what you want!

    Just go for the Dry Rinse. My understanding is that you need to size down as they stretch a bit; you may want to chat to AS customer service about it though. They are a good price and look like a great fit.

    Let us know how it works out!

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