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    Uniqlo Chino's vs HE/Massimmo Dutti/Charles Trywhitt

    I tend to buy my staple clothes for the next season the season before (i'm buying for the summer now). Looking to get some Chino's. I've usually bought chino's from shops like Next, Topman etc. Look good but after 6 months hard use they start looking tired.

    I am intending to go the next 'level' up in cost, to shops like HE by Mango, Charles Trywhitt and Massimmo Dutti for my next set of chino's in the hope that they are better quality, look nicer, and last longer.

    I've seen loads of people on here praising Uniqlo and i was wandering were there chino's fit in, in comparison to high street shops like Next, Topman and River Island and better brands like HE, Charles Trywhitt and Massimmo Dutti?

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    I've a pair of both Uniqlo and Massimo Dutti. But would wear Massimo all the time if I could (quality on both is very good by the way).

    Uniqlo - think casual wear (but can be dressed up) and you don't mind spilling a few drinks on them if you wear them out.

    Massimo Dutti - the perfect pair to smartern up a look, and ideal smart casual pair I would say.

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