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    Help - what to wear to Christmas party!

    Hey guys,

    I've got my work Christmas party next Friday and am wondering what to wear. It is a black tie event and most of the gents wear tuxedos, but I don't have one and want to look a bit different.

    I own a black suit, navy and light grey suit. Last year I wore my navy suit with some brown shoes. This year I'm thinking of a waistcoat.

    Can you simply buy a black waistcoat to go with a suit? If so, I'm trying to find one like this, to wear with a bow-tie:

    What is this style of waitcoat called and can anyone suggest where (in the UK) I can get one for a good price?

    Any other suggestions? I guess I can't wear a light grey suit to a black-tie event?


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    Sequin blazer:

    Leopard T:

    Black Trousers:

    Leopard print shoe:

    Of course I'm joking. But I still can't believe the current Zara range! (sorry for the lack of useful post)

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    Assuming your not going for sequins and leopard skin -

    The waistcoat you've pictured is a traditional evening waistcoat. The low fastening front is designed to show off lots of lovely white shirt front. They are surprisingly hard to get hold of at a reasonable price.

    The one you have pictured looks like it is Ede Ravenscroft's version and it is a thing of beauty but it comes in at 175 so it might not be something to buy on a whim. There are other - similarly expensive - options out there. If you are looking for something cheaper there are lower fastening waistcoats (V-shaped rather than U-shaped) that also keep a lot of shirt front on display from more mainstream manufacturers.

    I'd also keep an eye on eBay where such items are not quite so expensive. A similar look is also available by changing the buttons on a Scottish formal wear waistcoat.

    As for a light grey suit, it is, of course, not traditional but then not wearing a dinner jacket to a black tie do is already putting you in the not traditional category. I'd suggest whether you can get away with it depends on the suit and how you tart it up, to some extent. If the jacket is a one (or two at a pinch) buttoning single breasted jacket, for instance, and you pair it with a plain white dress shirt and a bow tie that matches you could look very smart still - a sort of light grey dinner suit.

    The idea of a grey dinner suit has been tried before:

    And more successfully in Esquire's Guide to Black TIe - Formal Tuxedo Styles - Black Tie and Tuxedo Advice for Men - Esquire

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