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    Improving style

    Hello all,

    So I'm currently looking into reinventing my style in terms of adding more variation and generally making myself a little more stylish. I'll start off by saying I'm 19 as I find it changes what I dare wear.

    My common looks at the moment consist of skinny jeans, jumper, t-shirt with shoes or boots. Then I have my harris tweed pea coat over the top. Everything at the moment are stapes, well fitting and plain. I'm thinking that the best way to branch out at the moment will be a graphic tee, grey sweatshirt, polo and a pair of slim fitting grey chinos. The grey chinos will be great worn with a denim jacket and bomber.

    Beyond there I just don't know. I really want to dabble with shirts and trousers but I can't seem to find rousers cut slim enough. With jeans I have to buy ASOS supper skinny, which are spray on, but due to my stick legs just look very slim.

    I feel that now is the best time to do this with the sales on. I was looking at blazers in the ALLSAINTS sale, but then I only have jeans and t shirts, I'm just a little stuck on what to look towards here.

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    Buy a leather jacket? Better buy 3 different faux leather jackets. Then buy the one you like and wear most often in real leather. I am on the same boat as you (you seem to have a more versatile wardrobe though). I am also attacking these sales.

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