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    Returning worn faulty trainers to Schuh


    Wondering if anyone has been in my shoes (pun intended) with this one. Bought a pair of Vans from Schuh about 1-2 weeks ago. Now I normally have no issues with Vans and find them great quality. I was replacing a pair of standard grey ones (I have posted them in my pics on here). Unfortunately the sole around the back of the foot is starting to peel away quite badly, my old pair, around a year old have never done this and the where the sole joins the material round the sides has started to come away, something that eventually happens on older pairs but not newer ones.
    I think I am popping into town tomorrow and so want to take them and return them, ideally just for a replacement though I do want to look at other shoes whilst I'm there and so may not leave with the same grey Vans if possible. Any ideas on how easy or hard this might be and whether Schuh are likely to refuse my request?

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    Schuh are pretty good with returns, sounds like they are faulty so should be all good m8

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    Sound faulty to me too. The outer rubber sole should have no signs of you doing anything extreme in them and should actually be relatively clean after just one week so you should be good. But you're a brave soul heading in on xmas eve.

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