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    New to wearing clothes

    Hi all,

    I am new to actually wearing "normal" clothes on a daily basis!
    A little background to the opening statement,

    I have just spent too many years in the army, the staples for my dress are :
    Work - Done for me
    Social (down the pub/club) - Jeans, some casual shirt (Next, Burtons) trainers or some sort of casual shoes/boots from river island/next one i dont mind spilling beer and kebab allover. (thought i have just aquired a nice pair of dark brown loake chelsea boots)
    Relaxing - Sportswear, jogging/tracksuit bottoms,scraggy tee's and old military sweaters (this i know is not a good look lol ( i spend too much time in the gym, though not enough to make me a meat head, just keeping fit and the belly at bay) or Jeans, Berghaus/Craghopper tops and trainers.

    I turn 40 in the new year, I really think i should be dressing my age and not like the young lads i work with. so new wardrobe time for me
    I am moving into the world of IT security management and apart from the knowing I must wear a suit, shirt, tie and shoes,
    I have no real idea of what goes with what , the difference between a good suit and a GOOD suit, colours?, as for shirts, I have looked about and have see TM lewin & Charles tyrwhitt are good start offs, the ties to go with? Shoes? black, brown/tan? makes how many pairs etc? also jackets, casual and ones that would go with a suit.

    I need to get a base of the above that i can build on, Plus not kill my bank account, the wife does enough damage

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated,


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    Welcome aboard, JB

    I'll start by Iinking you to some excellent articles from FashionBeans - informative, and perfect for your circumstances

    Dressing Your Age: Thirties (30s) Part 1 | FashionBeans
    Dressing Your Age: Thirties (30s) Part 2 | FashionBeans
    Dressing Your Age: Forties (40s) | FashionBeans

    These articles aren't "rules", but might steer you towards some useful changes you might want to make.

    Changing your wardrobe, or dressing differently is not an overnight process. You can start by adding some staple items - indigo jeans, crisp white shirt, navy blazer etc.

    Pricing will always be a contentious point with clothing/styling, and I'll be the first to say that comfort and how something fits/looks should come before the brand/price. While a LOT of the users here (myself included) will buy at the higher cost end of the high street, it is certainly NOT a prerequisite for having a nice wardrobe, or a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.

    Also, we're in the thick of sale season at the moment - I'd avoid the temptation to wade in with impulse purchases. Find items that you like, and if you can find that style at a price you are comfortable paying, then go for it.

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