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    Jumpers to wear at work

    I am after some crew neck or v neck jumpers - possibly merino wool - to wear to work.

    I checked Asos but they don't seem to have my size.

    Anyone got any recommendations as to where to go and what neck line is best?

    Usually I just wear shirt and trousers so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Reiss have some fantastic ones on sale at the moment. Great quality for the at full price, let alone with reductions. If you can't stretch to that I'd recommend Debenhams Jasper Conran ones as a relatively cheap alternative. Picked up a couple of cashmere/cotton mix v-necks from then a couple of years back in the 40 range. Might be able to find some reduced.

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    Take a look at Uniqlo, their extra fine merino jumpers are 20. Nice fit too. In terms of neck line I'd go v neck for work and crew for casual, just my opinion.

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    What kind of price are you talking about? I have a few Ralph Lauren and Armani ones that are a nice fit and look the part and they are a mix of v-neck and crew neck. V-necks are good because you can dress them up with a shirt underneath or go more casual with a plain white crew. I know some people wear shirts under crew necks but I prefer not to as I like a bit of space for the shirt collar but this is just personal preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martins View Post
    Take a look at Uniqlo
    Nail. Head.

    I have some of their jumpers for wearing over shirts at work and they're AMAZING. The fit well, wash well, have a really nice knit to them. If that wasn't good enough you can get their lambswool blend jumpers for under 10 at the minute in the sale.

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