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    A bit of help please

    Hey guys I need some urgent urgent help!

    For about the past 4-5 weeks I've been looking for a pair of Chelsea boots, I need them in either a distressed black or a blacky-grey shade. Everywhere I have looked the black is all shiny leather, the look I most definitely do not want as its to be styled with dark grey super skinny jeans mostly.

    The catch - I don't really want to spend over 50-60 to be honest. The colour led me to thinking All Saints might be my best bet but they are a tad on the expensive side.

    And I have a pair in light brown so thats a no-go too.

    If anyone can help, please! Its been driving me mad!
    (Also, none with a big heel please, im 6 foot 3 as it is!)

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    I saw these in H&M today, they looked ok. Not pure chelate though

    Product Detail | H&M GB

    Have you tried asos and Topman?

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    Zalando have a pretty decent selection, they might have something close to what you're looking for - some definite bargains to be had:

    Black, grey Mens Ankle Boots | Shoes online | ZALANDO.CO.UK

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