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    help wanted

    Ok... basically im looking for advice, critique and any help I can get from members on how I find my own look. Turning 30 recently and having a young daughter I want to make more effort in the way I look. My wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and t-shirts, more practical than stylish. Im not sure the best way to explain what I look like that would enable people to give me the best advice, other than im 6ft4 about 15 stone. If its possible to post a picture of myself to the thread I would if help give a clearler picture of what would suit me or not.. many thanks in advance.......

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    My advice would be just to get out there and try stuff on. Browse the internet to find a style or clothes you like and go find them in shops. There are shops for every budget so there's really no excuse for not dressing nicely (not that I'm suggesting you don't). Oxford button-down shirts are great for a smart casual look but it all depends on what YOU like so get out there and start experimenting.

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    Definitely post up a picture or two, then highlight some areas you think you'd like some advice on (cut, colours, combinations etc).

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