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I definitely agree with you both (Creed and Marc). The cost of whatever item should not determine how stylish it is. Especially not a price tag as arbitrary as >200, haha.
I'd agree with this, there a few reasons why people choose a watch, besides telling the time:

- They like the look of it, and it's merely jewellery or part of an outfit
- They like the brand and it gives them a perceived status
- They like the watch

Most people recognise Casio, Citizen, Seiko, Omega and Rolex. The fun thing is that Seiko and Citizen are perceived as being cheap in the UK, yet they make quartz models that rightly retail for more than 1500 and automatics that retail for over 5000. There's something very stylish to me about someone who wears a vintage watch (and vintage now includes watches from the 70's ) because there are many brands that died due to the rise of quartz in the 80's (e.g. Enicar, Breitling, Heuer and Smiths) that made very good quality watches.

I now wear Bremonts and IWC (before the recent takeover by Richmont) which suit me and most people don't know what they cost. The main point to me after spending a few years and pounds collecting watches is that I won't wear a watch unless the package (brand ethos and the watch itself) fits me.

Although I don't like being overt with how much things cost, I'm now even at a point where I'd wear a Rolex as I know how the watch works and why it costs what it does. It's the horological equivalent of being comfortable in a suit, where someone who buys a watch because of how much it costs or due to others wearing it will rarely reflect themselves to the world.

That to me is a key point of style IMHO, knowing how to merge items together to create a true synergy of material possessions and personality to achieve gravitas.

Whilst I will always notice someone's watch, I will never judge them by it.