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    Tuxedo Shopping

    After some recommendations gents. Looking to buy a classic dinner jacket and accompanying items this year. Have the end of University functions to attend, and I feel it would be a sound investment.

    Anybody have any good places to start looking?

    Not looking to spend 500 plus, but equally don't want something that won't last two weeks.

    Only other problem is my 36 inch inside leg, so I will need somewhere that does long leg lengths or will do long enough to get suitably extended.

    Many thanks.

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    Reiss have at least one midnight blue tux for 450, the trousers always come unfinished so there should be enough length.

    Mayfair Black Peak Lapel Dinner Suit - REISS

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    There should be a number of options for you, even with reasonably long legs. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option than the Reiss dinner jacket, T M Lewin have their shawl collar slim cut version for 199 - Guinness Slim Fit 1-Button Black Dinner Suit | T.M.Lewin My experience of Lewin's suits is that they tend to be well put together but do have reasonably light and soft fabric (so they can get worn away or snagged if you brush against rough things). Generally, I'd say that at their sale prices they are decent value.

    Consider buying vintage too. Your long leg length counts against you here but eBay is a wonderful resource. Evening wear gets less wear than a normal suit and suits in the past were much better made generally than most suits on the market today. In amongst the tired and tatty, there are some fantastic suits that - with a few adjustments by a tailor - will look amazing.

    Finally, for anyone thinking of buying a dinner suit let me recommend the Black Tie Guide again - The Black Tie Guide: Tuxedo Style & Etiquette It contains more information than you'll need but there is excellent advice. Read the sections on Classic Black Tie and Contemporary Black Tie and you'll know more about what makes a good dinner jacket than the shop assistant probably does.

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