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    High-Tops with Chinos?

    hello guys. I apologise for making so many threads, but I'm a fashion newb so I have a lot of questions to ask!

    Anyway I have a pair of high-tops I quite like and I was reading an article on high-tops and the author stated that chinos are a good choice to wear with high-tops. It will be a nice change to the opposed low top converse which I typically wear to school for a simple/easy look.

    But how exactly would you go about this?
    Tucking your trousers into the high-tops I'm not entirely sure about, but if I don't tuck them in, it kind of lays half tucked in due to their tapered nature (at least the chinos I wear are quite slim near the ankles).

    I was considering cuffing them, however I've never really cuffed trousers before, but I might consider it a try since people seem to be doing this more by the day. I don't mind the cuffed look that much but I've noticed there is a bit of hate for it on the forums.

    Cheers as always guys, would appreciate any advice you have!
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    Nothing wrong with a bit of stacking with something as casual as hi-tops. And rolling chinos isn't as full on as the contrasting hem of denim so give it a go.
    Just don't go for the elastic. Please.

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    Yeah it's cuffed as in "elasticed" that are rank, not cuffed as in "turned up". Go for it.

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