I'm 18 in High School; I'm getting ready to graduate and I want to have a nice wardrobe going into college. My style has always been casual and smart. I've always bought things that I liked but I feel like I don't have fundamentals, because it's always kind of hard for me to put together outfits I really like. Moreover a lot of my clothes are small now because I've grew and my mom has shrunk my laundry or are damaged with paint because I'm in a visual arts academy. A lot of my shirts are about an inch or two above where my hand and wrist meet. Things I can really carry over into college are my denim jacket, black peat coat, olive and navy blue chino's, brown combat boots, grey chukka boots, burnt orange/brownish oxfords, brown and Sahara boat shoes (brown ones are beat up). That's pretty much it I plan to do a bit of shopping between now and august. What things should I look for that will be substantial and offer versatility.