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    Jumper under a denim jacket?

    Hello I'm new to the forums and apologise ahead of time if i'm not posting in the correct format or place. I was wondering what other people think about layering jumpers under denim jackets, I have seen it been done nicely, but more often that not look badly. For example an outfit that i would wear would be black slim chinos/jeans with a white button down under a v neck jumper, under a light blue wash denim jacket. Was just wondering if people think that a pair like this is acceptable or if there would be any other ways to layer jumpers under denim jackets properly.

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    Sounds fine to me mate, I like chucking a denim jacket into the mix and adding the casual element to more formal outfits.

    Something like a mid wash denim jacket, white oxford with black v neck, blue slim fit chinos and brogues is a perfect outfit in my mind.

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