So, at this time of year I wear my Barbour (Barbour Men's Utility Jacket - Olive MWX0022OL71 (A416) | Country Attire) but as it's now 5+ years old it's starting to show it's age not a bad thing as it's now well on it's way to looking vintage however it leaves me short of a decent winter jacket. In truth, it's not great for the depths of winter as it's not that warm, I could patch and rewax it and perhaps wear more underneath but I would like to wear it in the spring, autumn and for shooting and get something different for winter. I did consider getting one of the international wax jackets but when I tried one on I realised it was pretty much the same as I had. I also started looking at Belstaffs and whilst impressive, again offer little over my current Barbour... I need a jacket that will keep we warm and dry for the short walk in the mornings dropping my kids off at school, I'm preferably after a classic jacket that I can wear for many years and as such am happy paying 200-300 for the right thing. Most of my days I wear dark jeans and this time of year I pace around in my Clarks dark tan leather desert boots or wellies. I do own a gortex fishing jacket and a pretty decent bonfire snowboard jacket but neither are right for smart casual occasions.

Is there anything out there that fits the bill? Been looking for an age and can't seem to find anything.

Thanks for any help.