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    Best white shirt collar type for bow tie

    I'm getting married in a few months, it's a relatively informal feel and I'm going with a more country gentleman look.

    Wearing this...

    With a pair of brogues, braces and more than likely a bow tie with a white shirt. What collar type do you think would look best with this and a bow tie?


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    A wing collar is the most formal, but since you've opted for a tweed look which is less formal, you could probably get away with a full or even a half cut away collar. I personally wouldn't use a standard full collar or the peaks will interfere with the bow

    Wear a Bow Tie - wikiHow

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    Avoid a wing collar. Unless you are wearing a proper starched detachable collar they often look limp and undersized and are appropriate with white tie and tails rather than tweed and brogues.

    You can wear most conventional collar styles with a bow tie but tab collars and pinned collars wouldn't be right - the idea is that they push a four-in-hand tie out but you don't get that with a bow tie. Rounded penny or club collars might be a bit wasted as they will be largely hidden underneath the bow tie.

    I would go for a normal spread collar. The collar will be wide enough to provide room for the bow tie and knot but closed enough to push it forward slightly.

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