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    Quote Originally Posted by Creed View Post
    sometimes you can just put on a combo in and think 'nah'. Happened to me today!
    hah, this happens to me everyday.
    A blazer may work, but leather jacket might be a push.

    Oh and Ivan. I focused in on the Leather jacket too much, apologies.
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    I like the shoes. The one thing I think detracts from the look is the stitching on the jeans. This may not bother you in the slightest, but to me contrast coloured stitching is something that should be banned.

    Such a small, some would say pedantic, thing but to me jeans should be the colour of the denim throughout. I buy black jeans to be black, navy jeans to be navy etc etc, I wouldn't personally want a 'cuff' of yellow/red/orange etc stitching catching the eye. This also applies to the stitching on jean pockets.

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