Good afternoon gents,

This is a bit late notice and I'm aware it is probably a problem that I'll only be able to half solve, so here I go;

This coming Sunday I have to attend a wedding at a country house, I wanted to wear a tweed jacket but I have told by my better half I can't. My next option was a royal blue suit with tan brogues (I have seen some lovely Loakes ones) for the wedding day and the tweed for the day after.

I've found a Holland Esquire suit in my size (not tried on yet) that is advertised as light blue although in the photos it looks almost grey. Coincidently, whilst looking into Holland Esquire, I discovered they do very fine tweed blazers.

My problem is whilst occasionally I get my fashion choice right, more often than not I fail! I own one suit, a very nice Paul Smith dark grey single breasted affair that I wore to a previous wedding two years ago and never worn since. My job doesn't require smart clothes or even casual clothes nor does my social life, mostly jeans and t-shirt combo. So I'd love to dress up and get it right.

So, I need, a blue suit, tan shoes, socks, shirt and a burgundy/burnt plumb tie (the match my partners dress) and if time and money allows, for the following day, a tweed jacket and a completing outfit (I'm struggling to know what to put with the jacket).

Ok massive ask and any advice is welcomed!

Oh, I'm based in Suffolk and work in Kensington, London. I'm 6'1 on a good day 14 stone and my measurements are 40 chest 34 waist size 9 shoe.

Thanks everyone.