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    2 casual shirts...

    Been rebuilding my wardrobe this past year and slowly getting it to were i want it to be. However still lacking any quality casual shirts. Looking to buy two shirts preferably one OCBD in white and maybe a chambray shirt. These seem like some must have basics and a good place to start.

    Can anybody recommend some good brands as i've had very little experience buying shirts, looking for some higher end shirts preferably in a slim fit... Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Nino's on Brewer st do slim fit, italian shirts. Cut aways and button downs. Lovely cloths, single stitch. Although pricey at 150, they are currently having a sale with 30% off. Their website is poor, so give them a ring. I bought a lovely buton down from there yesterday. Sleeve alterations are included in the price if needed

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