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    Washing your premium knitwear

    I got a 80% Lambswool, 20% Cashmere wool jumper from John Lewis for Christmas. Really nice jumper, fits perfectly.

    Ive worn it a few times and now its time to wash it. It says hand wash, my washing machine has a hand wash setting. But i still don't want to put it in there! Any shrinkage and the fit is ruined.

    What shall i do?

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    I don't wash any knitwear unless it's actually soiled

    Just spray with febreze or w/e and air it out

    The natural oils in the wool stop it getting rank iirc

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    Yea dont wash mine either, find if your shower every morning, change t-shirts regularly and rotate your knitwear, unless you literally spill something down it they really dont needed to be washed..

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    I've washed some merino wool items before but not any cashmere blend. The problem with hand wash settings on the machine is that the spin cycle is very short or near non existent, so the jumpers come out quite wet. Drying these flat to keep their shape when they are this wet isn't easy.

    I prefer just to dry clean them, and even then it might be every 15-20 wears.

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