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    Places to shop and fashion advice please

    Hello All

    I am in need of some fashion advice! Having stumbled across this site it seems like a good place to ask.

    I am approaching mid 30's and in the last year have managed to shed quite a few pounds. I am now realising that my existing wardrobe needs updating and more to the point i probably wasnt dressing very well before i'd lost my weight. Now looking to update my wardrobe - i feel i need to change my fashion habits.

    Up until now i've found it easy to live in hoodies, baggy jeans that didnt necessarily fit very well.

    Looking at various looks on the internet i am lost as to where to start as fashion is such a big topic.

    So, i figured the best place to start is to visit shops/websites where i can find fashion styles more appropriate to my age. THe types of looks that are starting to appeal to me is simple designs/colours - chinos combined with a casual shirt/polo shirt or a knitted top in the colder weather. Jeans are not appealing to me as they once were. I dont want to look old, just appropriate for my age. Yet when I go to some stores I either feel too old or too young - example is Topman - a lot of the customers appear to be young and a lot of their clothing isnt suited such as the bold prints and very skinny jeans. If I then go to places such as Burton/Next - I dont see customers of a similar age just customers that are older (mid to late 40's).

    Can anyone advise of UK high street stores which would be easy for me to shop at?

    ANy advice greatly appreciated


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    My main high street "go-to" shops are All Saints, Zara & River Island - between them I can get a good mix of pretty much everything I need apart from decent footwear.

    TKMaxx can be worth a trip but it can often depend on location - some shops are better than others.. my local one seems to get all the leftovers that wouldn't sell anywhere else. A trip to TKMaxx always reminds me of rooting around the retail equivalent of someone else's wardrobe.

    Topman is definitely aimed at a younger market, but you can still pick up the odd thing from there. You can shop them online if you want to avoid the teenagers.

    The likes of Berska, H&M can have the odd thing worth getting. ASOS is definitely a great resource for online shopping.

    I have yet to purchase anything from these outlets, but the general consensus from the posters on this forum is that Unliqo, HE By Mango & Massimo Dutti are all worth a punt.

    I don't live in the UK, so I'm sure you'll get a lot more recommendations from others.

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    Not very cutting edge, but try some department stores: M&S, John Lewis, say. They generally have good ranges of well-made standard items (trousers, casual shirts, knitwear) which would serve well as the style basics of your new wardrobe; though to get anything more fashionable you'll have to shop around.

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