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    "Her" Open Ceremony High Rise/High Waist Trousers

    I just saw the film "Her" by Spike Jonze and one of the interesting costume details I noticed were the high rise/high waist trousers which are now also available through Open Ceremony as part of a Her capsule collection. I'm curious about people's take on the Her capsule collection and on high rise trousers in general. Love them. Hate them.
    Personally, while I'm not that interested in these particular items, I'm into high rises. I'm relatively short and thin and have been wanting some to increase my longer half. Unfortunately, affordable high rise trousers are just about impossible to find. The pair I do own I found by accident while cleaning out the garage of my parents home. They belonged to my father who is the same pant size as me and I must say have become a go to item for me. They increase my bottom half and are incredible comfortable to move around in.

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    I actually quite like those - they're not anywhere near as extreme as the ones in the (excellent!) film, which I kind of dreaded when I saw the title of this thread. I think I'd find them a bit tricky to pair with a jumper (as you'd lose the high rise detail) or jacket (as it could risk looking like you're wearing dungarees if they're too high rise.

    Incidentally you should check out this great parody of Her here.

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