I am a student and I live in a quite badly-dressed city.
Therefore, usually I wear my best outfits at night, when I go to drinks or dinner.

The problem is, I sometimes feel like my outfit, although looking great, is good for a London afternoon, not for a Jerusalem night out. It happens mostly when I wear brown, navy linen, colourful chinos, patterns etc.
As nightlife is where I want to shine, and as I'm not going to overcrowded clubs, T-shirts or basics are not what I want to wear.

Imagine the boheme Parisians, or the well dressed italians; outfits like that look great, but I don't think they fit urban nights.

What's the best way to be chic at night? Any ideas?
(I find it more simple during the summer, when I can just wear a sophisticated dress shirt and nothing more)