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    Intro + Questions

    Hi all,

    I'm Steve, first time poster. I've only very recently discovered this site, and it's a revelation to me!
    I have so many questions, but I'll keep it to my immediate quandaries...

    My wardrobe needs quite a major overhaul, I've started outing the old, I need some advice on the new that I need to bring in.
    And before I go into the details, I should say something about me, just so any advice you might give will be relevant to me...
    I'm 41, (though have youthful looks on my side...honest!). 5'10", 12st, 40" chest, 32" waist, in shape/athletic build, skinny calves but bigger thighs, and have an actual butt. (I'm sure this info is useful somewhere along the line?!)

    I want to build both a good staple stylish foundation wardrobe, plus intermingled with some seasonal fashion items.
    Looks-wise, I want classic style (which to me basically means make sure everything fits right and good), plus, as I say, incorporate some seasonal fashions.
    Anything 'twenties' is out, and I'm not quite ready for cravates, etc, but just outfits that will look good/stylish for the late 30s/early 40s man!

    I've got a shopping trip (Bluewater) tomorrow, and on my list for this trip is:
    - Belts
    - Shorts
    - Button-down collar casual shirts (Oxford, et al)
    - Crew tees
    - Polo tees

    So belts, I need some belts for casual. I want a tan one to wear with my tan brogues. So here I should go for a close-ish match on the colour, right? That and I'm thinking a navy/white striped (thick stripes, 3 max) fabric one, to go 'contrast'.
    I also want a brown one too (and probably black).
    For both I'm thinking standard flat leather or woven type. Should go with most things...
    I expect to find these anywhere/everywhere, probably best in the department stores?

    Shorts - I want a couple of pairs of chino shorts, navy and a lighter neutral colour. Fit is paramount. Decent quality. But happy to go cheaper if the fit/quality is good. Will try the Top Man chinos, for instance, and if they're good, that'll do for now. Though have seen a lovely pair of Navy Ted Baker chino shorts, that will be worth looking at.
    Any other stores/brands I should look in for this?

    BDC Shirts- Need a white (and other wardrobe-basic colours) button down casual shirt. Tried Uniqlo's, loved the quality, for the price, but as is my running theme with them, the Medium is too big, and the Small is too small. And I love Oxford cloth, but they seem a little thick for spring/summer, hence being open about the material. So any recommendations on where to look for this would be good...

    Crew tees - Need a wardrobe-refresh here. Am struggling with the fit. As per above, tried Uniqlo, LOVE their £10 crews, but the Medium is too big, and Small is too tight (or narcissistic, as this site would say!)
    I like the fit on the top (chest-up) on the Medium, but from there downwards I don't like, way too long and too flary at the side.
    And the opposite for the Small, love the fit from below the chest, but too tight/showy on the top half.
    I have a couple of old Ted Baker crews that are absolutely perfect fit, and still wearable, but they are years old (Iíve checked their site, couldnít find any there).
    What I love about Uniqlo crews is the colour range. I want a white, grey, navy and pink... where can I try for this?

    Polos - primarily need a decent white one. All about the fit. I want good quality here, but hate logos. The plainer the better, but don't mind a bit of collar/button/etc detailing if it still looks understated. I HATE the material of Lacoste polos, flimsy over-priced rubbish, so nothing like that. Again, if the quality/fit is right, I don't care about going cheaper here. Similarly don't mind paying for the goods, if it's not over-priced.

    One more question I'll tack on to this while I'm here:
    - tan brogues and indigo jeans, what are the options on top, for single layer. Just shirts? Polos won't go, right?

    Well, apologies for the epic first post!! and thanks for (still) reading if you got this far!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
    have a good day now!

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    Depending on your budget, for your age group (I'm 35 so I the same bracket) I'd be heading to Reiss. It's a more mature look but very slick and classic. Also zara. Some of the basics you'll be able to pick up from Topman too on a lower budget.

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    I was at Bluewater yesterday and I find that if I go there looking for specific items it never usually works out.
    Disappointed with Uniqlo at the moment. They literally had one type of trouser in three colours, no joggers left, no more merino knits (not keen on their cotton jumpers) and everything else had my size out of stock. Also not sure whats going on the oxfords but they seem to be only doing the slim fit ones (which aren't labelled) and I'm in the same boat as you with those. Small is too small and Medium too big. Wouldn't mind but the website is rubbish too. Although there are a wealth of decent shorts and polo shirts there.
    I still highly recommend Gap for highstreet chinos
    Zara was a mess too. Half the things I was interested in on the website weren't in store but everything in there is so scattered out it really is just easier to categorize online and order several sizes.
    Opted against heading up to Topman while she browsed Topshop. I just sat on the seats by the door like an old man and watched the college kids go in and out.
    Reiss is a good shout out but tbh I would have been happy just to spend the whole time in the three department stores there. Don't discard M&S. Theres more stock, sizes and more freedom to try things on.

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    Thanks guys.

    Had a quick look at Reiss site, and that looks great for my needs. Hope they got some good stock in at BW

    Yeah shame about Uniqlo... close but no cigar!
    Gap and M&S, good shouts, will look at their stuff online, then I can plan a route for tomorrow!
    Yeah will hit the department stores, for sure.


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