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    black / jacket slash jumper or something + What is it called and where to get it ?

    Hello everyone,
    Before I ask a question, I just wanted to say that Im not here to advertise music videos.

    Anyways - the question I wanted to ask is - what is this piece of clothing called + where could you buy it / or tailor it ?

    Have a look at this video so you can understand what im talking about here.

    You'll notice the singer (Smiley) is wearing this long/ hardly transparent / black / jacket slash jumper or something...
    In moments like

    1:42 (man on the left side)
    2:14 (man on the left side)
    2:29 (man in the middle)
    2:39 (man in the middle)

    The timing might not be very precise, but I hope got what I meant.

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    This looks like a shawl-collar (knitted) cardigan in some dark colour. Maybe try Allsaints?

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