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    Tuxedo for Graduation Ball

    Hi guys,

    Been pretty inactive on the forums lately due to my degree!

    I'll finally be graduating in a few months and I have my graduation ball in the middle of May.

    I've been looking at hiring a tuxedo but would prefer buying one as I want the fit to be right etc. I'd love some advice on what to look for and where! My budget is around the 200 mark.

    Have been eyeing this:

    Ted Baker Endurance Tailored Fit Peak Lapel Dress Suit Black

    However at 299, it is a bit steep for my liking.

    This looks pretty much perfect for me:

    Anyone ever bought from my tuxedo before? What are your thoughts?

    Would appreciate any help.
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    If I were you I'd just hire one dude. The only reason to buy a tuxedo, especially one up to 200, would be if you'd get more wear out of it in the future. Unlikely unless you go to black tie events, especially if you get one which fits perfect right now (and probably won't in the future). Even then, that's a cheap tuxedo as far as these things go.

    That is, unless you plan on doing the very-Saint Laurent thing and wearing your slim/skinny tux jacket and black jeans, which would fit with your logic of investing (which, tbf, is a look I'm considering trying, as getting a black blazer that doesn't look like you've nicked it from a suit is surprisingly difficult). Thoughts, anyone?

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