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    Not sure my face shape...

    Hey guys, well I'm suppose to wear glasses but I don't because the frames I got a while back didn't fit my face. I understand face shapes in relation to glasses now and since my vision has been getting worst I want to buy glasses. I think I'm either Round or Square shaped. Also I would appreciate some frame recommendations as far as brand, color, finish, etc goes. Thank you.

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    Square or wayfarer frames would suit your face shape. My bet would be for a large / oversized square frame.

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    I work in the optical industry.

    The whole idea that the shape of your face should determine the shape of your frame is a load of bollocks. The idea originated from a advertisement campaign from a corporate entity and has kind of spread and "caught on".

    When choosing frames, the most important thing is to make sure they fit. The size of your head and how far apart your eyes are will play a major roll on this. Make sure that the temple lengths are long enough and fit behind your ears. Check to see that the nose bridge fit comfortably. From looking at your photo, you have a wide nose bridge and this will probably be your major limiting factor when choosing frames. The best thing to do is try on as many frames as you can until you find something that fits and looks good.

    I would suggest visiting a independent optician who has an interest in fashion frames. The bigger corporate companies like to advertise how "fashionable" their range is, but most of it is smart advertising, and their staff usually have no idea, except on how to sell you things that you probably don't need. The quality of frames you find at the bigger stores are also questionable. For example "Spec-savers" buy there frames from China by the kilogram. They have paid for the rights of their "brand names", and hence can stick a "brand name" label on any frame they wish. Most of their frames are "rip-offs" of other designers. You may pay more at an independent optician, but what you are paying for is quality.

    Some brands of spectacles I would suggest; lindberg, ic-berlin, orgreen, pro design, eschenbach, paul smith and tom ford.

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