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The suit in that video is awful - style-wise it's really old fashioned and fit-wise, it's terrible. It looks like he borrowed it from his Dad.

Having said that, my vote is that if you want to wear a suit, then go for it - as long as you feel comfortable with your own style and what you are wearing and if it makes you happy, then you really shouldn't give two figs about what anyone might think.
Aye his fits are terrible but I like the old-fashioned look he's managed to achieve, though I would want it to look more modern and slim fitting on me.

I am going to wear the navy blazer I currently have with shirt and jeans, just to ease into wearing a blazer often, as MarcLager suggested. It's not the suit I'd plan on wearing day to day in the future, it looks too formal and also a little cheap, bu it is the only blazer I own right now until I've invested in ASuitThatFits.