Recently I've fallen down the rabbit-hole that is floating-canvas/half-canvas/fused, and this new knowledge has left me unsure how to best proceed. I'm looking for a jacket that can be worn with jeans (innovative, I know) but that can also be smartened up a bit. However, I'm trying to find out what kind of brands I should be looking at for decent quality.

My summer job is in an outlet, which has lots of "suit" brands like Austin Reed, T.M. Lewin Charles Tyrwhitt et al., but most of their staff are clueless when it comes to the construction of their suits, and I'm afraid that I'm no better, messing about with several 'pinch' tests to no avail. All of the shops have some really good sales on at the moment though and payday is on the 28th, so I was hoping that a kind and knowledgeable soul would be able to point me in the right direction before the best deals disappear.

Basically, I'm looking to spend no more than 150, and I know for this amount that floating/full canvas is out of the question, but might half canvas be doable? I've seen jackets reduced to 100 from 400 in Austin Reed for example, but obviously construction and quality are more important than a hefty original price tag.

Thanks guys!