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    Suits/accessories which match my good looks,brawn;detract from my girth.

    At 61,I'm a black Canadian lad regarded cover boy handsome,muscular,somewhat beefy-I'm 5'9",205-210 lb.,boasting 181/2" biceps,but like a LOT of other older chaps,I'm attempting to lose about 25 lb. I enjoy wearing Western fashions-my life-long residence is Windsor,Ont.,Can.,one mile SOUTH of Detroit-and would like some advice re. the cut and colour suit and accessories which would accentuate my telegenic looks and brawn and perhaps deflect attention from my girth.

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    I was once working in Detroit, but ended up heading south to Canada and staying in the casino in Windsor. The place was vast but virtually empty apart from the blue rinse brigade umbilically attached to the slot machines.

    In my head a casino would have been filled with suave men and high class dirty hookers... oh the disappointment.

    My advice is to stop talking about the excess 25lbs and loose it. Then reward yourself with some clothes which will fit your new bodyshape. That will also give you the incentive to keep the weight off.

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    This is amazing for so many reasons....

    Obviously the trimmer you are, the better you'll look, but if you're not going to shift the extra weight, then the best advice is to stay properly tailored. Wearing clothes that are either too baggy or too slim will just accentuate your large girth (oo er...).

    I was also going to say to wear your clothes with confidence, but you're obviously not short of that...

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