Hey everyone. Just got a new position and it's business casual attire. My problem is I am tall and skinny with long legs lol. I'm only 6'1" but currently underweight at 156 lbs. Usually I am 165 lbs.-170 lbs. which is still skinny though. I will be getting back to my normal weight once I started working and lifting again is the plan. I am 27 years old. I am thinking I should stick to a flat front more than pleated. I like the slim fit look but as long as I can move around, lol. Where can you guys recommend a store that I go too? What is a popular brand for someone my size?

I tried Dillard's brand of Roundtree and Yorke (I liked the straight fit/flat front more than classic fit/flat front) along with Dockers (tried the straight fit again) at Kohl's. I also tried the slim fit with Dockers but they seemed maybe a little too snug? Nothing seems to fit the right way...Either they are too big in the waist or not long enough/too long in length. It's so frustrating...Any suggestions? What do you other skinnier/tall guys with long legs do for business casual pants for work? I want something that looks nice and not cheap...

I also need shoes to go with them for work. I have a really narrow foot. I've noticed my left foot is smaller than my right one too, haha. In the past I have had Born shoes but I tried some on at Dillard's and they still slipped. I liked the style of Borns but am only looking to pay at the most $100. I also tried some of the Merrill's they had that had a similar look. They fit much better in the heel but I didn't like the style as much...they seemed more of a "rural" look. Any recommendations on other brands/stores to look at for narrow feet shoes for business casual attire?

I'm so frustrated and need to get some pretty soon.