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    Incotex Chinos

    Thinking of investing in a pair of their black slim fitting chinos and wanted to know if anyone on here has bought a pair?

    They are serious expensive but I wear chinos quite a lot so I'm sure I'd make use out of them. Would be great to get some idea on quality, fit and whether or not these stretch or last well.

    I have a few All Saints chinos but I've been unhappy with how they stretch out and feel they are not worth the price point. My Gant slim fits are still the best quality (and smartest) chinos I've ever bought, but they aren't available in black.

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    So the best quality/smartest chinos you've ever bought are 85, but they don't have your colour so you're going for a 250 pair!! ... that's a big jump mate!

    Check out Hugo Boss Schino-Slim1-D's as an alternative. I just got some of these and v happy with them (...though I'm not a chino connoisseur)

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