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    Seeking advice on tailoring a raincoat


    So basically, I know absolutely nothing about fashion or fashion design b/c I'm a dirtbiker and I joined this forum to ask advice from people who have technical experience in the area =)

    Recently I got the Vladimir raincoat from Stutterheim and it's amazing, but it was only available in size medium, and it's about two sizes too large for me. When I wear it I kind of look like a square with round edges.

    I read a similar thread on another site and someone mentioned that it's difficult due to the material, and that there are post-production techniques applied to the coat which seal it and make it waterproof, and that tailoring can undo this and make it water-soluble again. So I was a bit worried, because the Vladimir coat has some kind of rubbery glue tightly sealing the top of the sleeve to the torso of the coat, and the sleeve stitching is only visible in that area on the inside of the coat where it is also sealed down to the inner material.

    So, my questions are: can a highly-skilled professional tailor fix the size? (as in, is it possible?) and is it in my interest to try and get it tailored? (as in, are there any reasons why I shouldn't? apart from cost, I'm not overly worried about that)

    Thanks heaps!!! =)

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    Would be a difficult one to alter really. The taped seams and material are the issue.

    Best bet would be to return / sell it and buy in the right size really.

    They are real nice coats. I quite like them oversized, but that depends on your style.

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