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    [Hypothetical] Christmas party: What to wear...


    OK, so 'hypothetical' because I was going to go, but now I'm not (I've given up my room, now, so it's too late to persuade me) because it's a weekend thing with a walking group I'm a member of involving walks and a ''disco'' (as if it's the '80s or something...) on the Saturday evening and I have exams the following week, so I just haven't got the time, now.

    But I'm still intrigued as to what I would wear - if I'd gone. Bare in mind that I am probably the most fashion conscious person out of them all! (Seriously - it's bizarre and they aren't really the most approachable bunch of people in the world, if I'm honest...but that's another story). Most people going to the 'disco' will be in boot cut jeans, sensible shoes, 'snazzy' shirt and possibly a badly fitted blazer (this is going on last year's Christmas party, before I joined the group). There's no dress code and it's not themed. It's at a basic 3 star hotel (I booked a room with a view, too When I had to give it away, a slimy solicitor guy had it...), so not at all posh.

    I was just wondering what a) you would wear if you were going and b) what you might suggest I were to wear, if I'd gone? Just interested, really.

    It would have been nice to have gone, but I just realised that I don't have time and I need to priorities, really...

    Hope I'm not sounding horrid. I'm not at all fashionable/stylish, compared to you lot, but they really are members of the boot-cut brigade. I got so many positive comments about my skinny/slim fit jeans! Lol. Also, I spent a lot of time over the summer with them on walks and though one or two are really nice, the bulk of them are just...unapproachable and 'one up-ey'.

    Anyway, what would you were?/would you suggest I wear? A suit a bit much...?

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    Hypothetically, you should've gone to your Christmas party. The fact that you are now pondering what you might have worn to it kinda proves that you are - at least subconciously - thinking the same thing.

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