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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    OK, following today's post about tweed 3 piece suits I'm going to ask how many people find it annoying when something you've been wearing for years comes into mainstream fashion... !
    Although I do agree with the other's statements, I know exactly where you are coming from.

    I do feel like everyone else when I put on my sand/beige coloured chinos which I bought years ago now, and the reason I started paying attention to what I wear is to be me, not everyone else. Although, just like you said, I do feel my personality still shines through in my outfit as I don't wear them with hi tops like all the boys out there and don't want them.

    If you feel as though your wardrobe just looks like re-hashed fashion trends then you need to buy some more interesting pieces of clothing. Nothing is safe when it comes to fashion trends, so perhaps look for clothes with interesting details to make sure you still feel your wardrobe represents YOU whatever the latest trends are. A jacket with an unusual collar, bright formal shoes, a featered felt hat in a rich colour, etc.

    However, if you really want your individuality to stand out when the future fashion trends descend, I suggest buying a latex yellow suit, with matching yellow shoes. Nobody will see it coming. Well, considering it's a bright yellow suit, everyone will see you coming. But the point still stands.

    I have already ordered mine. In azure also.
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    Sometimes I write my signature really fast when I have to sign for a parcel, because I feel like the delivery man is in a hurry to deliver the next one and I am keeping him waiting. But when I get to write my signature on paper, I take my time with it so the person will think "Wow that is a really great signature".

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    Sorry to rain on your parade Daniel but that's also been done.

    Morphsuits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A surefire way to add individuality to any outfit (even the most generic, cookie-cutter stuff) would be to get a tattoo of your own design. Just roll your sleeves up and its guaranteed that no one else would like you!

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