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    What to Wear With These Jeans/Chinos

    Hey guys. Would love some help/ideas with what to wear with these two pairs:

    1. Blue "Gabba" jeans (not sure why they are so wrinkly in the pic - mine aren't really)

    2. Two pictures because a) the colour is as the darker ones BUT the fit is more like the lighter ones, probably slimmer.

    I'm asking because at the moment the only thing I can really come up with that works is pairing them with blacks/whites and dark grays. I've been reading the fashionbeans articles on colour just now and it seems I should be going with maybe darker reds anchored with black/white?
    I dunno, am a bit lost so some advice would be greatly appreciated

    Bonus question: is it even ok to use these two during the winter or is it a complete faux pas?

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    That blue is a very versatile tone. Pair it with deeper, darker colours; navy, burgundy, dark red, as well as basic neutrals. Brown works wonderfully too. I'd use brown shoes, at least, unless you're a trainers guy. They're quite casual so I wouldn't try and dress them up too much.

    The green I can't help you with; I happen to have the second pair you posted (and the colour is indeed like the darker pair) and I have a lot of trouble. I do find that pairing them with a strictly black and white outfit makes a strong statement if you get the right items. I have a white polo with a black collar and chest pockets, for example, which works well. In a high fashion way, a black polo neck under a white shirt would look great. Proper Lanvin/Kooples style if you go for a black slim tie, and even a black suit jacket.
    I'm thinking they might work well with a cream jumper but haven't tried it. Jacket wise, I use my go-with-anything leather and denim jackets. Not both at once of course!

    EDIT: You have the right idea with dark reds, by the way. And they're completely acceptable in Autumn/Winter provided you get the surrounding pieces right; substantial leather shoes rather than deck shoes, plimsolls or even light loafers, for example.
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    I would go for browns, creams, tan and beige for the green ones, and maybe gray, black, and deep burgundy with the blue ones.
    You could pair them casually with jumpers (light or chunky knits) or a sharp blazer or jacket for a more dressed-up look.
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