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    When we're talking about Topmannequins, are we talking about those in drop crotch chinos and low cut tees? Or are we talking about those top button doer-uppers with nice indie haircuts and skinny trousers? I tend to associate both demographics with the brand. Not that either is necessarily good but I do favour the latter look sometimes.

    I agree, Mr Tweedface, about the other lines - there's some decent variety there. It's the designs I like most.
    And I won't try and argue that the quality is sound, but you get what you pay for; I've had much shoddier stuff from, for example, ASOS (own brand). I have a pair of white jeans from the AAA range of a year or two ago and done some outdoorsy stuff in them, and they've actually worn with some charm; dirtied and faded narrow white jeans, when paired with the proper pieces, are quite fetching, I've found. Some, of course, might not think so!

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    There are few advantages when it comes to style in western Canada, but one thing that is nice is that ordering from Topmans supplies almost completely unique clothing by comparison to our mall shopping. You can find higher quality and nicer items on the few street shops in my city, but the prices are much higher, so Topmans is quite a nice supplement for a place where literally no one even knows what a carrot cut pant is, let alone wears them.

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