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    Wardrobe Renovation - Footwear Advice?

    First time poster looking for guidance: due to a combination of meagre income and a long distance relationship, I let my wardrobe degenerate over the last couple of years, a sorry state I'm now trying to rectify (albeit gradually and on a small budget). I've been upgrading jeans, trousers, t shirts, shirts and knitwear, and while I've missed the seasonal window to buy a new winter overcoat/pea coat, I'm on the look out for a smart blazer or jacket. I'm less certain of what to do about shoes, however, with a collection of odds and sods that may be sufficient, or sorely lacking - I just don't know! At the moment I have:

    1 x pair black pointed formal/work shoes
    1 x pair dark brown shoes, similar to above
    1 x navy blue canvas plimsoll shoes (a little 'bright', but work with jeans in summer)
    1 x Base London grey suede lace up shoes, rubber sole, no heel (no idea as to style, but casual)

    To which I've added:

    1 x pair good black Chelsea boots
    1 x pair good tan brogue boots.

    While the boots have added some much needed versatility, I don't know where to go next. Perhaps I'm missing a pair of trainers or casual 'go to' shoes to wear on casual errands or Saturday afternoons, but as I'm not particularly sporty I've never been keen on traditional trainers or hi-tops, although I recognise their benefits. Similarly, I'm unsure about chukka or desert boots, especially as I've just purchased two pieces in a boot style. Are loafers the way to go? In terms of casual shoes or trainers, is their a balance to be struck between comfort and fashion? Approaching 30, I'm dubious about investing in Converse and their like ........

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    I'm 18 and, having accepted that both physical exercise and muddy walks in the country are not for me, I'm never out of smart shoes. I'm usually in tan brogues or brown brogue boots most of the time. I literally cannot wear trainers! My style never really dips below smart casual and my footwear reflects this.

    I'd say desert boots are always a good investment if they're good, as they're fairly timeless. Maybe you should start think about shoes for summer? A nice pair of loafers would be the way to go, brown or maybe even oxblood. Boatshoes are still a good bet for summer, although they're not my cup of tea anymore.

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    I don't wear trainers (unless its for running or to the gym) either. I have many pairs I've purchased over the years and they all sit at the back of my wardrobe. If I want easy, casual and comfortable, I throw on my desert boots although most of the time can be found in more formal shoe/boot wear.

    A good pair of loafers is a great addition to any wardrobe and give a classic European chic to a summer outfit, so I'd definitely suggest you go there next. I suppose the other main contender for summer shoe is the boat shoe, but they are such vile, hideous things that when I am made Lord of All Things they shall be gathered from across the four corners of the land, piled to the stars and burned, creating such a blaze it will singe the eyebrows of the Gods.

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