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    Others notice when you're uncomfortable in what you are wearing and when you're not pulling off your look. The fact that your ordinary style is not so casual doesn't mean you're trying too hard. I asociate 'try-hard' to hipster kids who think they are the ultimate style icons cause they wear non prescription glasses and a hat all of the time. Or to girls who just wear what they think is trendy and now believe that 'maxis and pastels are huge this spring' when they hated them six months ago. I think it's more of an attitude than an outfit itself. And wearing a tie, shirt and cardigan to the pub is by no means overdressing, no matter how many guys go out in hoodies and battered jeans.

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    "Trying to hard" for me is overdressing to a point where comfort is sacrificed for a unique style.

    I want to know what it feels like to be in the front row of a catwalk featuring the top Australian designers
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    Quote Originally Posted by McPhee View Post
    'Trying too hard' is just wearing too much. It's creating an outfit that's too busy. Read the article on minimalism, 'trying too hard' is the opposite force. It's wearing a corduroy jacket with a cable-knit jumper, tartan shirt, burgundy chinos, brogue boots, tweed bow-tie, pocket square, sunglasses, trilby and watch. It's going over the top, wearing too much and too many statement pieces. Getting it right is just a case of paring it down, bringing it back to something cleaner and more refined. An outfit should have (at most) one or two statement pieces, with everything else accentuating them and providing focus.
    I'm not sure "trying too hard" would be the issue there; it just sounds like a godawful outfit

    I agree with the general consensus that being a "tryhard" involves making self-consciously "fashionable" style choices. If your personal style typically manifests itself as a scruffy tee, baggy jeans and tattered/ugly trainers, the solution isn't to suddenly whip out the bow ties and braces; you just need a nicer tee, better fitting jeans and more mature trainers/casual shoes.

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