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    There are look books, but I guess it's a matter of time until they're released to the public. Like I said in another post, the guy I always talk to in there says that they have to pick their work outfits from the look book, and are only allowed to pick entire outfits (no mix and match). I guess you could always go in store to check out the outfits on the staff until the look books are released.

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    Very interesting Paul. If that's the case, one of them will be a pair of oxblood chinos with the Rockpile shirt.

    I really hope the lookbooks are as well put together as the AW-10 ones. The ones last season were awful: there were hardly any and, as I have said previously, had horrible filters applied. I know all of the lookbooks are edited, but minimal editing is best. The plethora of brilliant lookbooks in AW10 made me want to spend a lot of money.

    I hope All Saints pull their fingers out and release them soon and, whilst they're at it, add last seasons sale items to the archive. They must be gathering dust in their store-rooms.

    I'd love to have a look in their store rooms. Paul, any chance you can talk to your friend and ask if they still stock previous seasons clothes? I'd love to find a Pitch Blazer in a 36 chest...

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