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    50 Years Old & Personal Style Stuck In The 80s. Advice Needed

    And i hate brown.
    I really want to wear more fashionable clothes but i don't know what to choose.
    I have no eye for whats cool and whats not.
    Can anyone help

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    Hi Ian,

    I know that there is a series of articles being run on the FB site on how to dress for your age. I'm presuming (maybe Ben or someone who write for the site can confirm?) that a piece will be written for the more mature gent.

    Although I'm not in your age bracket, the advice I would give is thus:

    Like anyone, be aware of your body shape. Clothes that are ill fitting, be it too tight, too small, short, baggy etc will only make you look horrendous. The idea is to dress to flatter your body shape, put emphasis on your good features and take the focus of the bad. I'm only 5'8 but of quite muscular stature so I have a number of items that I know I can't get away with.

    I would say try and move away from what is deemed as 'fashionable' and look more towards what is timeless. Now this doesn't mean that by dressing in a timeless manner that you are not on trend. As it happens, if you are looking to carry favour with this season's staples, then the country/heritage look will get you there and I think a man with a bit of character that only age can bring is able to pull it off a lot better than a lanky 20 year old.

    A great intro to this trend can be found here

    know you say you hate brown but the wonderful thing about this trend, especially tweed is that the fabric has so many interesting nuances that you won't likely be swimming in a sea of horse shit. This trend lends itself to layering as well- its a practical look but doesn't take away from how good it looks on when executed properly. Tailoring, as ever, is crucial. As said before, a good fit is imperative so be prepared to get stuck in and try things on.

    I'd suggest that you take a couple of hours and go through your wardrobe. Be ruthless. If you haven't worn it for a year, bin it. If it doesn't fit, bin it. Garish? Bin it. Assess what you DO have to work with (good fitting slim cut indigo jeans, tailored white shirts, wool jumpers etc.-more details on capsule wardrobes can be found on the FB site). You'll need all this room for your new items, some of which may be a bit pricey but I think most people will agree (I hope), that it's far better to spend decent money on a few staples that will last forever than not so much on throwaway pieces that will last a season at best.

    If you give us an idea of how much time and money you are willing to spend on reinventing yourself, we can give you a few more pointers.

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