Hi there lads.

So I need some advice/inspiration on what to wear as a guest at a casual beach wedding this summer. I've been told (by the bride) that a suit is too formal, but a blazer is needed. So I guess a chino+shirt+blazer is the way to go. However, I do want to look stylish as this is the first time I meet my entire (Spanish) family in-law, which of course intensifies the importance of looking all the best.

So here's some issues I need to address:

- I'm a student, so needless to say I'm quite poor. I'm hoping to spend maximum 300 quid on the entire outfit, including sunglasses and shoes.
- I'm Scandinavian, so I'm 6'3" and skinny, in addition to being (in comparison to my in-laws) a very pale and white individual.

So bring on some ideas / looks to inspire me, gentlemen. I was thinking a navy/blue blazer with a white shirt and sand colored chinos, maybe with a brown webbed belt and some tan deck shoes, finished with a nice pair of aviators.

Is this too boring? Mind you I don't want to draw to much attention to myself, I just want to look good (yes, fit is king).

Will the white shirt just emphasise my great whiteness, maybe it's better to go with a really light blue colored shirt?

Pocket squares?