Okay firstly i'm new to the forum so hello everyone.
I'm Adam, 23 from the UK. (Sounds so much like the start of a terrible dating profile)

Secondly i've just recently passed my CBT and i am in the process of saving up for my first bike.
The question i put to you is, is there a motorbike jacket out there that is safe, reliable and i can wear with confidence when i'm off the bike.

I have been looking at the jackets and the typical leather jacket look just isn't my style, i don't want to buy something that i'm gonna just change out of as soon as i get off my bike.

Things like this just arn't my thing:

Now i've been looking at jackets like these ones but i'm still not too sure if i'm going too much into fashionable and not enough into safety.

Barbour International Jacket - British Motorcycle Gear

BELSTAFF | Official Website - Jacket

I know this might not interest many people but any help on this would be amazing.