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    I think we're missing a vital point, sometimes its not that men are dressing to young but the young are getting into fashion (albeit not always in a good way) way too early. I went to pick up my younger brother the other day and I noticed that the chino and TOMS brigade seems to have swallowed everyone from the age of ten! And this does have the effect of making an older gent who wants to rock more youthful looks look a tad immature. Maybe a 12+ age restriction on horrible carrot, cuffed chinos are the answer?

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    Fashion they say will never choose an age. It always goes for everyone. But to me, fashion comes also with so much varieties. It comes with different categories. And I think that it would really fit everyone according to category.

    "Whoever said that money canít buy happiness, simply didnít know where to go shopping."
    ó Bo Derek

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    Whilst i've always been style conscious, I have really started to make that extra effort since I hit the big 40 and Fashionbeans has only intensified my desire to dress well, so well done you!

    I agree it is a fine line, but times are certainly changing, 40 is the new 30 etc etc, so that line is becoming more and more blurred. There are extremes of fashion that should be kept to teenagers and pop stars, but what is becoming more noticable, as far as im concerned at least, is that timeless classics are now becoming staples across the age spectrum, with little tweaks here and there if you need to be that bit more edgy.

    I for one hope that this trend continues so I can stop worrying if I'm too old for something, but as aluded to before in this thread its all about feeling comfortable, and if there is a niggle then its probably not for me.

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    I think its more to do with a maturing style. Now at 38 I am far more into a tailored and smart look than when I was in my early 20's (combats and tees - it was the 90's !) as my style has matured as I have.

    Its like anything really. we grow to appreciate different things as we get older.

    most importantly though..its about feeling comfortable in what you wear. Many times I've read in articles stating that on occasions you WILL get it wrong, but its how you carry yourself that is the difference between carrying it off or not.

    remember friends who may take the mick out of a new outfit (new, relative to the style you used to wear) are more often than not jealous of you. They don't have the balls to experiment or change their boring decade old style, so rather than compliment you, they tease. Deep down they'd love to copy you and your style.

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