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    Reggie Yates, Can You Help

    I like the simple look Reggie was carrying off on The Voice last night but want to find plain t-shirts, Marl or Pocket style to go underneath blazer. Problem is t-shirts from topman, h&m, river island dont fit regardless of size and american apparel ones tend to deform after being worn once. And dont want All Saints.

    I have been looking before now (difficult with sales) found one in this link but wanted other ideas that arent necessarily high street : Cloak & Dagger Black Marl Tee

    Can anyone suggest affordable (below £50) but stylish other versions similar to one below??????????

    (site wont let me upload the reggie pic i took so had to use example below)

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    I have a few Samsoe & Samsoe t-shirts that have lasted really well and fit in with that clean aesthetic

    Fit is everything with this look

    Link to some tees: Samsøe & Samsøe T-Shirt - white -

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